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The Media And Sexual SelfConcept Essay Research free essay sample

The Media And Sexual Self-Concept Essay, Research Paper The Media and its impact on Sexual Self-Concept The media plays a great portion in the point of views of persons affecting sex. The media plays an particularly major function in Americans sexual self-concept. As an person, the media has played a major function in my personal positions about sex. From the clip, most people can retrieve some signifier of media has ever been at that place, whether it was telecasting, wireless, or anything at that place has ever been some signifier of media. The media has ever been there and regardless of other influences, it plays a major function in the sexual point of views of both immature and old. Personally, media has played a great portion of sexual self-concept throughout the old ages. About all the telecasting plans I have of all time watched have often brought up sexual subjects. They may affect two immature people who are covering with detecting sex for the first clip, or two old people who may be sing jobs within a long term relationship. We will write a custom essay sample on The Media And Sexual SelfConcept Essay Research or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page For the most portion telecasting plans tend to change and depending on the show can cover several sexual constructs. Through my experience, many telecasting plans give an active description of sex in the existent universe. However, there are many telecasting plans and about all telecasting ads, which give a different portraiture. This shows ever have some rippled out he-man or some bead dead gorgeous adult females and they may travel out and merely blink a speedy smiling so they wake up following person every bit beautiful. The following episode they may be making the same thing. These plans whether I like it or non hold influenced my personal sexual-self construct. When I watch these shows I see these people populating in a sexual Eden and I want to be them. So when I get ready to travel out I find myself seeking to do my image similar to what these Television he-man portray so that I can come off to the other sex every bit attractive as possible. The thing that likely has had the most influence on my sexual self-concept is likely ads whether it is on telecasting, wireless, magazine, etc. It ever seems that a individual has to have on this merchandise, imbibe this merchandise, frock this manner, and thrust that auto, all to pull the other sex. These things influence the merchandises I buy on a regular footing all so I can break myself for the other sex. Every twelvemonth I get older I, state myself that I will non allow the media influence my sentiments about sex yet I have this to be about impossible, the media bombards our society with sex on a day-to-day footing. I can non listen to a vocal, watch telecasting or read a magazine without seeing or hearing sex related issues. Our book says it perfect when it says that popular civilization presents the people with what it means to be sexual. It truly bothers me how what I may truly experience is sexual may be the antonym of what the popular civilization feels is sexual. I myself have a existent job with against the flow, so for people like myself this makes it hard to show my sexual-self. The media will ever play a major function in peoples gender, particularly in America, I nevertheless hope that one twenty-four hours people will non be so strongly influenced by the media. The book besides mentions publicizing a topic I mentioned as a personal issue. As the book puts it Advertising in all media uses the sexual sell, assuring sex, love affair, popularity, and fulfilment provided the consumer purchases the right soap, aroma, coffin nails, intoxicant, toothpaste, denims, or car. This says it all every where I go I think to myself, that s that Cologne that so and so is in the ads she is merely gorgeous I shou ld acquire it. These are things that I know or traveling to be act uponing me for the remainder of my life. I myself envy those people who are non influenced by the media and who have great individuality when it comes to there sexual visual aspect and there sexual-self construct.

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3 Cases of Tense Errors

3 Cases of Tense Errors 3 Cases of Tense Errors 3 Cases of Tense Errors By Mark Nichol Each verb in a sentence should reflect the tense appropriate to the specific phrase rather than conform to the tense of another verb in the sentence. In each of the sentences below, a verb is not in the correct tense. Each example is followed by a discussion and a revision. 1. They are emblems of a simpler time, when everyone understood what it meant to be human. What it means to be a human has not changed since the simpler time (though a universal understanding no longer exists), so although understood is correctly formed in context, the next verb should be in present tense: â€Å"They are emblems of a simpler time, when everyone understood what it means to be human.† 2. The financial sector underwent simulated terrorist attacks and cyberattacks as part of efforts to ensure that financial firms had good plans in place in the event of such crises. The goal of the simulations is not to ensure that financial firms had, at a given time, good plans in place; it is to ensure that they continuously have the good plans, so the verb pertaining to â€Å"good plans† must be in the present tense: â€Å"The financial sector underwent simulated terrorist attacks and cyberattacks as part of efforts to ensure that financial firms have good plans in place in the event of such crises.† 3. If you thought marionettes were creepy, you’re not going to like this place. The issue is not whether you, at one time, were disturbed by marionettes but no longer are (or, for that matter, whether marionettes were, at one time, creepy but no longer are); it is a matter of whether you have a discomfort with them that has existed, exists, and is likely to continue to exist: â€Å"If you think marionettes are creepy, you’re not going to like this place.† Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Grammar category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:Definitely use "the" or "a"Time Words: Era, Epoch, and Eon

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Risk Assessment report on an organization (Toyota USA) Research Paper

Risk Assessment report on an organization (Toyota USA) - Research Paper Example It is one of the highest ranked car companies in the entire world in terms of global brands. Even when sales are low Toyota in the United States sold almost 1.8 million vehicles, thus the company is able to make 16.7% share in the market. Toyota Being the third largest car manufacturer in the world, it has been known as the most efficient. The main business segments include automotive and financial services. The automotive segment can account for at least 90% of the revenue in Toyota and almost 96 percent of Toyota’s operating income. The manufacturing, product development and vendor management practices of Toyota Company are known to be the best. This risk assessment was carried out on Toyota Company in the USA to find out on the risks that face the company during production, selling and distribution. Toyota USA is faced with major risks that can affect the profitability of the operations. Factors such as vehicle sales volume, marketing costs, sales incentives, and price discounts, the vehicle models and the options that are sold, customer warranty claims or customer satisfaction actions, cost of research and other costs, production capacity, changes in the value of currencies used in Toyota business, intensified competition, and regulation issues. In Toyota company product development can be highly capital intensive. In any automobile industry, this has been experienced. The automakers are faced with the challenge of making new models from time to time to stay up to standards. The automakers are supposed to standardize the core product through creating a platform on which, they can build feature. Toyota can be said to be the pioneer in product development that is lean. A philosophy where a company is supposed to come up with a development process that comes up with new products using minimum resources. According to Toyota Motor Corporation SWOT Analysis 10, the automotive market worldwide is very competitive. Thus, Toyota faces high

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Theme park report Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Theme park report - Assignment Example Major reasons identified in the research are – world economic crisis, stiff local competition, low level of differentiation of services and negative image of the company regarding safety standards and bankruptcy filing. A discussion of possible solutions followed by recommendations concludes the paper. The major recommendation is to restructure the organization to enable a flatter structure for faster decision making and more employee empowerment. Introduction Theme park industry has evolved immensely over time. With a handful of theme parks concentrated within US during the beginning of the 19th century, the industry has grown tremendously. US itself has 600 entertainment parks and attractions as per recent studies while Europe houses 300 of them (Woodside and Martin 2007). The industry is cyclical and is heavily dependent on weather conditions. For example, in US, 46% of the people prefer going to theme parks during summers, 21% prefer spring while 18% prefer autumn season ( Woodside and Martin 2007). ... The company has exclusive rights to sell products bearing these characters as well as use them for advertising and promoting the â€Å"Six Flags† brand (Six Flags Annual report 2010). The theme park has been through turbulent times and had to file for bankruptcy because of the decline in visitors across its various sites. Three main reasons for this situation are as follows: Deterioration of the US and European economies (yahoo.brand.edgar-online) Excessive competition from other entertainment avenues during financial crisis years Lack of differentiation from other competitor in entertainment experience provided to the customers The company needs to formulate a strategy that can help it overcome all the above difficulties. A reduction in entry fee or overall cost of entertainment, focusing on tie ups with other entertainers to reduce competition and encouraging innovation in services within the organization culture can be some of the solutions. We will discuss each of these is sues and their solutions in greater detail in our ensuing sections. Methodology A research paper is incomplete without a mention of the methods employed to analyze and conclude a paper. Research involves data collection, its analysis and finally reaching a conclusion. Methodology helps in defining the research design, the way data is collected, the validity of the data and the limitations of the research. Two types of data have been used in the research – primary and secondary. Data directly gathered from the company is the primary data. Secondary data is the one used from other researcher’s analyses. Most of the data used in the ensuing paper is the secondary data from books and journals and

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A Two Port Network Biology Essay

A Two Port Network Biology Essay A  two-port network  a kind of  four-terminal network  or quadripole is an  electrical network  circuit or device with two pairs  of terminals to connect to external circuits. Two terminals constitute a  port  if the currents applied to them satisfy the essential requirement known as the  port condition: the  electric current entering one terminal must equal the current emerging from the other. The ports constitute interfaces where the network connects to other networks, the points where signals are applied or outputs are taken. In a two-port network, often port 1 is considered the input port and port 2 is considered the output port. The two-port network model is used in mathematical  circuit analysis techniques to isolate portions of larger circuits. A two-port network is regarded as a black box with its properties specified by a  matrix  of numbers. This allows the response of the network to signals applied to the ports to be calculated easily, without solving for all the internal voltages and currents in the network. It also allows similar circuits or devices to be compared easily. For example, transistors are often regarded as two-ports, characterized by their h-parameters (see below) which are listed by the manufacturer. Any  linear circuit  with four terminals can be regarded as a two-port network provided that it does not contain an independent source and satisfies the port conditions. Examples of circuits analysed as two-ports are  filters,  matching networks,  transmission lines, transformers, and  small-signal models  for transistors (such as the  hybrid-pi model). The analysis of passive two-port networks is an outgrowth of  reciprocity theorems  first derived by Lorentz. In two-port mathematical models, the network is described by a 2 by 2 square matrix of  complex numbers. The common models that are used are referred to as  z-parameters,  y-parameters,  h-parameters,  g-parameters, and  ABCD-parameters, each described individually below. These are all limited to linear networks since an underlying assumption of their derivation is that any given circuit condition is a linear superposition of various short-circuit and open circuit conditions. They are usually expressed in matrix notation, and they establish relations between the variables (Two-Port Networks. (n.d.). In  Wikipedia. Retrieved October 25, 20012, from http://en.wikipe The experiment is divided into two parts: Part 1 is focused on determining two-port network parameters (admittance and transmission parameters only). The process of measurement and calculations will be briefly illustrated in Theoretical Supplement part. We are aiming to investigate the relationships between the individual parameters and the parameters of two-port networks in cascade and parallel. Part 2 is focused on finding out the transient responses in two-port networks containing capacitive and inductive reactances. Theoretical Supplements: Measurement of Admittance (Y-) Parameters: The equations to determine the parameters are: I1 = y11V1 + y12V2 I2 = y21V1 + y22V2 i.e. [I] = [Y].[V] [Y] = y11 y12 y21 y22 where are the Y parameters of the two-port network. Experimentally these parameters can be determined by short circuiting the ports, one at a time. Hence these parameters are also termed as short-circuit admittance parameters. The following diagrams show the method to calculate the parameters: When output port is shorted (as shown in Figure 2 below): V2 = 0.1 Figure 2 y11 = I1 / V1 y21 = I2 / V1 When input port is shorted (as shown in Figure 3 below): V1 = 0 2 Figure3 y12 = I1 / V2 y22 = I2 / V2 Measurement of Transmission Parameters: The equations to determine the parameters are: V1 = AV2 BI2 I1 = CV2 DI2 Or3 Where [t] is the transmission parameters of the two-port network. Experimentally, the t-parameters can be obtained by short circuiting and open circuiting the output one at a time. The following procedure shows how to calculate the parameters: Output port is open-circuited: i.e. I2 = 0 4 Figure4 A = V1 / V2 C = I1 / V2 Output port is short-circuited: i.e. V2 = 0 1 Figure5 B = V1 / I2 D = I1 / I2 Cascade Interconnection of two 2-port Networks: Considering the 2 networks A and B which are connected in cascade, as shown in Figure 6 below. From this the transmission parameters of the combined cascaded network (N) is obtained. The method is demonstrated below. 5 Figure 6 [t]N = [t]A.[t]B 7 Hence, the following result is obtained. 8 Parallel Interconnection of two 2-Port Networks: Considering the two networks A and B which connected in parallel, as shown in Figure 7 below. The overall y-parameters of the combined network N can be obtained as follows: 6 Figure 7 I1 = I1A + I1B I2 = I2A + I2B V1 = V1A = V1B V2 = V2A = V2B; And H:DropboxCamera Uploads2012-10-25 05.41.34.jpg It can be seen that the overall Y-parameters can be obtained by summing the corresponding Y-parameters of individual networks A and B, when the A and B networks are not altered by the parallel connection. Transient Responses of Two-Port Networks: Damping Ratio  Ã‚ º is defined as the ratio of the actual resistance in damped harmonic motion to that necessary to produce critical damping. It is also known as relative damping ratio. We divide the transient responses into three types on the basis of damping ratio  Ã‚ º, Over damped response ( Ã‚ º > 1), Under damped response ( Ã‚ º Critically damped response ( Ã‚ º = 1). The various conditions stated above are described in detail below. Over damped Response: In this case the roots of the characteristic equation are real and distinct. The solution to the input signal is a decaying exponential function with no oscillations and the transient response will be over damped. The response to the input signal is slow and has no overshoots or undershoots. Under damped: The roots are complex in this case. The transient response will be under damped when  Ã‚ º Critically damped: When  Ã‚ º = 1, the roots are real and equal, and the transient response to the input signal will be critically damped. There will be no oscillations whatsoever. This case is a desirable outcome in many industries. In this experiment, we are mainly using the second type, which is the under damped response. And the characteristic equation is given by: S2 + 2 Ã‚ ºÃƒ Ã¢â‚¬ °nS + à Ã¢â‚¬ °n2 where à Ã¢â‚¬ °n = undamped natural frequency = 1/à ¢Ã‹â€ Ã… ¡( LC ) à Ã¢â‚¬ °n à ¢Ã‹â€ Ã… ¡ (1  Ã‚ º2 ) = damped natural frequency {A484D667-ABED-4193-B38C-40120C378004}  Ã‚ º = damping ratio = Further critical details have been illustrated in the Appendix B of Laboratory manual of Experiment L212. Objectives: To measure the admittance-parameters and transmission parameters of two-port network To investigate the relationships between individual network parameters and two-port networks in cascade and parallel connections To study the transient response of a two-port network containing capacitive and inductive reactances. Equipment: Digital Storage Oscilloscope Function Generator (50ÃŽÂ ©) Digital Multimeter Inductor with 2 inductance steps Capacitors: 22ÃŽÂ ¼F, 100ÃŽÂ ¼F Resistors: 33ÃŽÂ ©, 100ÃŽÂ © (2 numbers), 220ÃŽÂ ©, 330ÃŽÂ ©, 560ÃŽÂ ©, 680ÃŽÂ ©, 3.9kÃŽÂ ©, 4.7kÃŽÂ © (2 numbers), 5.6kÃŽÂ ©, 6.8kÃŽÂ © Bread-board Procedure: Measurement of Admittance-Parameters and Transmission Parameters and to investigate the relationships between individual network parameters and two port networks in cascade and parallel connections Setup A Connect the resistive network A as shown in Figure 8 below. With the network connected in the circuit, apply a sinusoidal voltage of 1 kHz, and amplitude 10 volts from peak to peak at: Port 1 with port 2 open-circuited Port 1 with port 2 short-circuited Port 2 with port 1 short-circuited In each case measure the voltage and current at the input and output terminals The input voltage is measured by observing the peak to peak value on the scope of the oscilloscope while the output voltage is measured with the digital meter. Tabulate the results in Table 1. (all the values measured should be in rms) Figure 8: The resistive network A{DA60CACE-9B44-4522-A111-F57AC9F95897} Setup B: Connect the resistive network as shown in the Figure 9 below. With the network connected in the circuit, apply an identical sinusoidal voltage as in Setup A at: Port 1 with port 2 open-circuited Port 1 with port 2 short-circuited Port 2 with port 1 short-circuited Measure the identical reading as in Setup A in the same way. Tabulate the results in the same Table 1.{0536D217-3D48-4F28-B37B-77F1CB823EEA} Figure 9: The Resistive Network B Cascaded Setup: Connect the networks A and B in cascade as shown in the Figure 10 below. Measure the identical parameters with the identical voltage and applying the voltage at the same positions as was done in the previous two setups A B. Tabulate the readings in Table 1 again.{32E83E0D-6633-4D97-A59B-4374AF22F541} Figure 10: The Cascaded Network of Networks A B Parallel Setup: Reconnect the individual networks A B in parallel as shown in Figure 12 below. Repeat the same procedures above with the same voltage as above to this network. Tabulate the readings in Table 1.{591F8FFC-7083-4E49-88AD-96E019FAD63C} Figure 12: The Parallel Network of Networks A B Table 1: (All values in rms) Results I2 = 0 V2 = 0 V1 = 0 I1 (mA) V1 (V) V2 (V) I1 (mA) I2 (mA) V1 (V) I1 (mA) I2 (mA) V2 (V) Network A (measured) 2.38 3.45 2.52 5.09 3.82 3.45 4.00 5.65 3.46 Network B (measured) 0.72 3.49 3.22 3.27 2.82 3.45 2.89 3.18 3.45 Cascaded (measured) 2.66 3.47 2.07 3.42 1.31 3.44 Parallel (measured) 13.28 11.59 3.46 10.34 12.55 3.46 Questions: The voltages V1 and V2 should not be connected to channel 1 and 2 of the scope simultaneously. Why? It can be observed from the circuit that both the ports V1 and V2 have different grounds. If V1 and V2 are connected simultaneously to channel 1 and 2 of oscilloscope respectively, then the ground terminals of V1 and V2 will be short-circuited as they are connected through the oscilloscope. This would change the circuits configuration and would give us the readings for a completely different circuit which would differ a great deal from the accurate values. What should you do to the readings of peak to peak voltage in order to make them compatible with the currents measured by the digital meter? The relationship between peak to peak values and its respective rms values is: peak to peak voltage = 2 x à ¢Ã‹â€ Ã… ¡2 x rms voltage The current measured by the digital meter is in root-mean-square value (rms). So it is mandatory to convert the peak to peak voltages to its rms value in order to be compatible with the currents measured by the digital meter. Hence the peak to peak value is divided by 2 x à ¢Ã‹â€ Ã… ¡2 to so that it is compatible with the currents measured by the digital meter. Compare the theoretical results with the measurement readings recorded in Table 1 for the interconnected two-port networks. Explain any of the differences in the two sets of results. Two kinds of parameters values are calculated and shown in Table 2 and Table 3. With this parameter values we can compare the difference in values of the measurement and theoretical readings. The parameter values in Table 2 shown below are defined as When the output-port is open, I2 = 0 Then: A = V1 /V2 C = I1/V2 When the output port is shorted, V2 = 0 Hence: B = V1/I2 D = I1/I2 And Cascade (theoretical) is obtained by [t]N = [t]A . [t]B Transmission parameters A B C D Network A (measured) 1.36 677.80 0.00094 1.33 Network B (measured) 1.08 1223.40 0.00022 1.16 Cascade (theoretical) (Network A * Network B) 1.62 2450.07 0.0013 2.69 Cascade (measured) 1.68 2625.95 0.00129 2.61 Percentage difference between cascade (measured) and (theoretical) 3.70% 6.69% 0.78% 3.07% Table 2 As it can be seen from the Table 2 above that there are slight differences between the theoretical and experimental results of the transmission parameters of the individual network and the interconnected two-port networks. The difference is observed due to the experimental human errors, tolerance levels of resistors in networks and slight deviation due to the slight inaccuracy of equipment. The parameter values in Table 3 shown below are defined as When the output port is shorted, V2 = 0. Then: y11 = I1 /V1 y21 = I2/V1 When the input port is shorted, V1= 0. Then: y12 = I1/V2 y22 = I2/V2 And Parallel (theoretical) is obtained by Network A values + Network B values Table 3: Admittance Parameters Admittance parameters y11 y12 y21 y22 Network A (measured) 0.00148 0.00156 0.00107 0.00163 Network B (measured) 0.00095 0.00084 0.00082 0.00092 Parallel (theoretical) (Network A + Network B) 0.00243 0.00240 0.00189 0.00255 Parallel (measured) 0.00384 0.00299 0.00335 0.00363 Percentage difference between Parallel (measured) and Parallel (theoretical) 36.72% 19.73% 43.58% 29.75% From Table 3, it can be observed that the difference between experimental and theoretical admittance parameters are quite large. The large difference is due to the same experimental errors and small tolerance of resistors or the existing voltage drop of the multimeter. Measurement of Transient Response of Two-Port Networks: {ECB52EDE-2A5E-423C-AE62-ECF870EBA09C} Figure 13 Connect the circuit as shown in the Figure 13 above with C = 22  Ã‚ ­F Using a storage scope and with the inductor setting at position 1, inject 10V peak to peak square wave at V1. Choose frequency f of the input voltage such that the square waves leading edge simulate a step input with the transient response completed before the next voltage change. The frequency f is chosen to be about 4 Hz. Record the output waveform V2 with the storage oscilloscope. Sketch the waveforms and when the waveforms have been captured, use the oscilloscope cursor to measure the oscillation period T and the voltages Va and Vb as shown in the Figure 14 below. The waveform is shown in Figure i) below. {71B3E9F8-C513-4F5A-9441-0C73C0A0C9B8} V1 Input Voltage V2 Output Voltage Tin Input signal period T Transient Oscillation Va / Vb Transient Oscillation Voltage Ratio Period Figure 14 Repeat the above procedure for the inductor setting at position 2. The waveform is shown as in Figure ii) below. Repeat the procedure for the two inductor settings with the capacitor changed to 100ÃŽÂ ¼F. The waveforms are show as Figure iii) and iv) below respectively. Add a resistor R2 of 33 ÃŽÂ © in series with inductor L as shown in Figure 15 below and select the inductor setting at position 1 with the capacitor = 100 ÃŽÂ ¼F. The waveform is shown as in Figure v) below. Repeat all the procedures with R2 values of 100 ÃŽÂ © and 220 ÃŽÂ ©. The waveform with R2 as 100 ÃŽÂ © is shown in Figure vi) below. All measurements are recorded in Table 4 below.H:DropboxCamera Uploads2012-10-25 06.12.32.jpg Figure 15 Figure a Figure b Figure c Figure d Figure e Figure f Figure g Condition C=22ÃŽÂ ¼F L = 1H C=22ÃŽÂ ¼F L = 200mH C=100ÃŽÂ ¼F L = 1H C=100ÃŽÂ ¼F L = 200mH C=100ÃŽÂ ¼F L = 1H and add R2=33ÃŽÂ © C=100ÃŽÂ ¼F L = 1H and add R2=100ÃŽÂ © C=100ÃŽÂ ¼F L = 1H and add R2=220ÃŽÂ © T(ms) 48.0 19.0 38.5 94.5 80.20 Period = 253.0 Άt1 =130.0 Άt2 =46.00 V2 =2.531 Va(v) 3.00 1.46 0.791 1.80 1.687 1.250 Vb(v) 0.633 0.700 0.408 0.516 0.3750 0.5000 Table 4 Waveform Figures: L:AAADS0001.BMP Figure i) L:AAADS0003.BMP Figure ii) L:AAADS0006.BMP Figure iii) Figure iv)L:AAADS0007.BMP L:AAADS0008.BMP Figure v) Figure vi) L:AAADS0009.BMP Questions: Why are square waves at a higher frequency not used as input? Square waves at higher frequencies are not used as input because frequency is related to time period by the relationship f = 1/T. So as the frequency is increased, the time period will become shorter and shorter. So it will take shorter time for the output power levels to stabilize after the input circuit stops drawing power. Hence the waveform obtained from the oscilloscope will not be clear enough for proper distinction. What causes the step input voltage to become an oscillating output voltage? The oscillating output voltage is caused due to the presence of the two reactive elements in the circuit, the inductor and the capacitor. The effect of charging and discharging of the capacitor and inductor causes the output to become an oscillating voltage. What are the effects of increasing the values of L and C? The undamped natural frequency à Ã¢â‚¬ °n equals to 1/à ¢Ã‹â€ Ã… ¡( LC ). If the values of L and C are increased, the undamped natural frequency will reduce simultaneously. Hence the oscillations will become more damped. Thus the number of output oscillations will reduce. Calculate the theoretical frequencies of oscillation and compare with the experimental results. The theoretical frequency is given by the relation ft = 1/ (2  Ã‚ ° à ¢Ã‹â€ Ã… ¡(LC)) Hz and the oscillation frequency is given by the relation f = 1/T. Using this relation we can tabulate the values. Figure a Figure b Figure c Figure d T(ms) 48.0 19.0 38.5 94.5 1/T(Hz) 20.83 52.63 25.97 10.58 ft (Hz) 33.93 75.87 35.59 15.92 Percentage difference 38.60% 30.63% 27.03% 33.54% The difference in the values is caused by the tolerance levels of the reactive elements used in the circuit i.e. the inductor and the capacitor. Consider the circuit shown in Figure 13. Obtain the expression for the damping ratio of the circuit.{A484D667-ABED-4193-B38C-40120C378004} Damping Ratio is given by the formula,  Ã‚ º = The natural undamped frequency is given by the relation à Ã¢â‚¬ °n = 1/à ¢Ã‹â€ Ã… ¡ (LC). Since R2 = 0, R1 = 330 à ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¾Ã‚ ¦ and R3 = 100 à ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¾Ã‚ ¦, deriving the damping ratio of the circuit as shown in Figure 13, the result is:  Ã‚ º = à ¢Ã‹â€ Ã… ¡(L/C)/860. Obtain the condition for the underdamped response in Figure 13. From the derived result obtained above,  Ã‚ º = à ¢Ã‹â€ Ã… ¡(L/C)/860. For an underdamped response, the damping ratio, ÃŽÂ ¾, should be less than 1, thus à ¢Ã‹â€ Ã… ¡(L/C)/860 What is the effect of adding resistance R2 in the LC circuit? {A484D667-ABED-4193-B38C-40120C378004} According to the formula of damping ratio  Ã‚ º = When R2 is added, the total value of  Ã‚ º increases. Depending on the value of R2,  Ã‚ º 1, even if the number of undershoots and overshoots is reduced, the response will be slower. Conclusion: The parameters of the two-port network, especially the Y-parameters and Transmission parameters (A, B, C, D) were determined experimentally. They can also be calculated theoretically. This experiment is aimed at comparing the differences between the experimental and theoretical values. The relationship between individual network parameters and two-port networks in cascade and parallel connections were also investigated. The results obtained for these were shown in the calculations in the Questions answered previously. Hence if every individual parameter of the networks can be determined, the parameter of the combined system can be determined. Part 2 was focused on studying the transient responses of the experiment. The responses to the change of values in the RLC circuit in the two-port networks were recorded. By varying the values of the capacitor, resistor and inductor, it was observed that increase in the capacitor and inductor values decrease the oscillating frequency and also reduce the number of undershoots and overshoots in the response signal. By adding a resistor in series with the inductor, it was observed that the resistor increases the damping ratio of the circuit but the effect is still dependent on the final damping ratio of the circuit,  Ã‚ º. To summarize the conclusion, all the objectives as stated earlier were met in course of the experiment and a lot of important observations came to light in the area of two-port networks.

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Human sexuality Essay

Incestuous inbreeding is the act of mating or having any sexual relations between two beings of close kinship. In people, this is prohibited by law to marry and engage in any sexual activity with any member of a person’s own family and with his/her relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity. Aside from it being a legal prohibition, it is also a considered a social taboo in most cultures. However, the considerations for incest are different depending on the beliefs and customs of these cultural groups. Some have more liberal qualifications for the situation to be called incest, and others are more conservative in the sense that people could not marry even those who are adopted into the family. Nevertheless, there are also some places wherein they permit this kind of familial setup to preserve their royal lineage. There are various kinds and forms of incest. The most common and considered a kind of abuse is the father-daughter incest and other forms of parental incest. However, there are also other forms such as sibling incest and other matches which usually come unreported. Although most cases of incest are born out of coercion, consensual incest also exists in some societies. The rationale behind the incest taboo must have stemmed from social group processes in ancient civilized and uncivilized societies. As studied by anthropologists, older cultures follow the rule of exogamy which enables families and groups to merge with others to form alliances. If incest was allowed, this rule would be violated. Religious groups and sects also have their various takes on this issue and most of them push that incest must not be tolerated and patronized. In modern societies, this legal prohibition now has scientific basis. It was found that since the two people involved in incestuous inbreeding have the same genetic makeup, their offspring would contract inherited congenital malformations. In the event that this becomes the result, future generations would be at risk of catching the same genetic defects. As a product of incestuous inbreeding, an offspring has a tendency to develop recessive disorders such as mental retardation, deaf-mutism, congenital ichthyosis, retinitis pigmentosa, adiposogenital syndrome, and homocystinuria. Previous studies show that more than half of the children born out of incest acquire some abnormality. The reason behind this is that there in an increase in homozygosity in the offspring’s genes, which means that there would be â€Å"the same allele at the same locus on both members of a chromosome pair† (â€Å"Incest,† n. d. ). In other words, if the parents of the child belong to the same family, there is a greater tendency for the child to get a defective gene from both parents. Because of this, it is assumed that there is a specific biological mechanism which prevents species from engaging in incestuous inbreeding. In detail, this mechanism could be more easily described in a comparison between incestuous inbreeding and mating between beings of different blood. Every human being carries some defective genes which are masked in a recessive expression. When two people belong in the same family, for example, as in the case of siblings, half of their genes are identical as they are from the same parents. This means that when they mate, there is a greater likelihood that the defective gene would be expressed in their offspring. However, for two people of no blood relation to each other, there isn’t any identical gene which means that it would be less likely for a genetic defect to be developed in their offspring. This biological constraint and medical risk is a consequence that incestuous inbreeding would bring. It would not only be harmful for the offspring because of the defects that would be acquired or a greater risk for mortality, nonetheless, it would also contribute to the deterioration of future generations. Finally, aside from these aforementioned medical considerations, it would also be appropriate to regard the psychological side effects as important in these situations. There are lots of cases which show that incest, especially those situations which could be considered as forms of abuse, result in psychological, mental, and emotional trauma. This probably might be because of the fact that it is established as a taboo and the behavior is a contradiction to that belief or attitude. Whatever the case may be, there would always be a negative outcome when two people engage in incestuous relations and inbreeding. References Children born as a result of incest. (1981). British Medical Journal Vol. 282. p. 250. Incest. (n. d. ) In Cambridge encyclopedia. Retrieved April 14, 2008, from http://encyclopedia. stateuniversity. com/pages/10516/incest. html The Columbia encyclopedia (10th ed. ). (2007). New York: Columbia University Press.

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The Foolproof Position Paper Essay Samples Strategy

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